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Welcome to the Sycamore Elementary Library Page!

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Library Rules:
We love our "Lion Readers" at Sycamore!  To be fair to all our readers, we do have some rules we expect all our students to follow.
1.  Library books are always due back on the student library day.  
2.  When taking books home, please keep them in the backpack when not reading them.  If they are stored in a backpack, they are always in school on library day and can be returned on time.
3.  No books will be checked out on library day if ALL checked-out books are not returned.
4.  Damages to books and lost books must be paid for before checking out any more books.
5.  When coming to Open Circulation (every morning from 8:45-9:00), students must check in with their teacher first and bring the class Open Circulation Pass with them to the library.
Services are provided through the local Collierville Burch Public Library
(not affiliated with Sycamore Elementary)
[Requires a free library card]: