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Why Does My Child Need A School Counselor?




         My name is Mrs. Kemp, and I will be your child’s School Counselor! As I eagerly welcome back all of our wonderful SyCamore Lions this year, I have noticed a few new faces who may ask themselves the question, “Why Does My Child Need A School Counselor?” As your child grows and matures he/she may need the support of a Professional School Counselor. School Counselors support students in 3 main areas: classroom, small group, and individual. School Counselors visit with and educate students in the classroom to promote unity, friendship, positive behavior, and academic confidence. School Counselors also work with students in small groups focused on social skills, academics, behavior, and family issues as needed. Lastly, School Counselors support students individually. Students are given the opportunity to speak with the School Counselor at any time if he/she is has a problem or concern. The role of the School Counselor is not to be intrusive but supportive! We work with students and families to make our little SyCamore Lions feel safe, confident, and supported!

         So, if your child says they spoke with the School Counselor…IT IS OKAY!!!!!!!! I like to get to know our students and for them to know ME! All students will participate in classroom guidance; however, small group counseling and individual counseling will require parent permission.

         For more information on what to expect from your child’s School Counselor, please visit my page on the SyCamore Elementary website. You will find useful information as well as Parent and Student Referral Forms. I am looking forward to a great year!



Mrs. Kemp

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