What is intervention?

Every student at SyCamore participates in our grade level intervention blocks.  Intervention allows all students to receive more personalized instruction.  Students will go to gifted classes, ESL classes, SPED classes, as well as switch classes among the grade level to work on various standards and skills.  Teachers use various assessments to group students so they receive the best additional instruction.  
So which students receive intervention from the interventionist?
After taking our district's universal screener, easyCBM, I work with grade levels to identify students who need some additional help in reading or math and that might benefit from small group instruction.  
In small group intervention, we work on basic skills in reading and math.  Students are progress monitored in easyCBM to check progress weekly.  
This year we have two full time interventionist and two full time intervention assistants.  With the additional staff this year, we are able to help more SyCamore students.