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The 2017-18 school year if off to an awesome start and I couldn't be more excited!  There is so much learning and adventure in store for your child, so please continue to check our web site for important updates, pictures and news.

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Our work on place value can be found behind the "Numbers and Operations in Base Ten" page behind your math tab in your binder. 
-Helpful links-
           Study Jams (place value, order whole numbers, expanded notation)
           Math Antics place value (under arithmetic tab)
           Khan Academy (finding place value video link)
           Khan Academy (place value practice questions link)
Cells notes can be found behind your science tab in your binder behind "Chapter 1" Also, use your scientist notebook to help study the cell diagrams and jobs of the organelles. 
- helpful links- 
          Study Jams (plant cell and animal cell slideshows)
          Zoom! Intro to Cells Prezi


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